Monday, 5 December 2011

A Village Fair

It's in its 20th year and it's huge - the Wahroonga Village Fair.  

When we left Wahroonga nearly 22 years ago, the Village Fair wasn't even on the drawing board, but over the years as its reputation grew, our friends kept telling us how wonderful it was.  And now that we are only three train stops away, yesterday we finally were able to experience it for ourselves.

Or course, before all else we needed to keep our strength up with a morning cup of coffee and with so many coffee shops to choose from, it wasn't long before we felt human again.

While sipping on our coffees, we were entertained by the Knox Grammar School Pipe Band.  

We were blown away.

But floated back in time to listen to the Knox Grammar School Big Band, who played like professionals.

By some miracle we spied the family in the throng, and the serious shopping began.

You know you are back in Sydney when you see Christmas Bush for sale.

What's a fair without balloons?

Who can go past home made marmalade?  Not us Fudges.

Same goes for Italian pastries.

She the Adventuress took a ride on the wild side.

Snack time, and nothing is better than a sausage roll when you are two.  Bliss.

It felt as though all the neighbourhood dogs were at the fair, greeting their old acquaintances.

This was my favourite stall - the quality of their clothing stood out from the crowd.

Ollie & Max

Sadly, the weather turned really nasty and we scurried home slightly wet, but missed the worst of it.  What a pity that this delightful fair couldn't have been blessed with a full day of sunshine, but at least it was rewarded with a huge turnout for the first half of the day.

Will I be back next year as a stall holder?  What do you think?


bubbachenille said...

Yes I am sure you will be and hope the weather is kinder when you have a stall !
Merry Christmas Robyn !

Sandrine said...

Ooh what a huge fair Robyn!Good idea I am sure people won't be able to wait for Hot Fudge lil stall next year!!! xx

Chrisy said...

Oh honey thanks for taking us along for the ride with your beautiful pics! Yes yes definitely a stall next year....