Saturday, 24 December 2011

All that glitters is not gold

Sometimes it's silver.  And at least once in a lifetime it has to be cleaned.  Christmas is a good time.  I can never understand why such a fuss is made about cleaning silver.  It's an art, I'll grant you, and I'll let you into my secret household hint.  Simply con your spouse into cleaning it for you.

I can't believe he even cleaned the ice bucket, which I had forgotten was silver.  I had assumed for years that it was painted black.  What a treasure.

If you were married before the Eighties, you probably have a lovely collection of silverware from your 25th anniversary.  Today it's stainless steel, so much more sensible. A good friend realised an hour or so before some long-lost out-of-town friends arrived that she hadn't cleaned the silver (obviously a bride of the Sixties).  She grabbed them out of the china cabinet and cleaned the sides that were on show.  Clever girl.

The turkey is thawing in the fridge, the pudding is steamed, and now the silver is glittering.  We are ready for Christmas.  We used to love going to Midnight Mass, but at our age we'd be asleep in no time, so we will go to the Vigil Mass this evening and be ready for our guests tomorrow.  Have a very happy Christmas, surrounded by loved ones.

Hang on ... he didn't clean the salt and pepper shakers.  

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