Thursday, 22 December 2011

Last minute projects

Sydney is bursting with beautiful hydrangeas and I can only assume they love their summers cold, unlike me.  As a small child I hated hydrangeas, mainly because they were growing in the garden of family friends where I stayed while my mother was in hospital.  I was desperately homesick for my parents and took out my frustrations on the hapless hydrangeas.  I didn't harm them, I simply hated them.  However, time heals and now I love them.

With the frantic rush to fill Etsy and MadeIt orders finally winding down, I can think about making something for my summer wardrobe - ever the optimist.  This hydrangea blue fabric has been languishing in my fabric stash for far too long, so I quickly ran up a skirt (well, the hem has to be hand sewn, but there's always tonight in front of the TV).

I bought this pretty Liberty fabric in London a couple of years back and it was time to stop wringing my hands and declaring it was too precious to cut.  The skirt was in need of a blouse and there is just the right touch of blue in it, so now it is sitting in front of the machine waiting to be sewn together.  If I am not wearing it on Christmas Day, please avoid the subject.

Now that I am over screaming every time I look at it, I have put the last of the Christmas tree garlands up in our own living room.  This is Garland Number 52 made this season, so you can understand my temporary aversion to anything with branches.

My only concern now is that I will forget to take the turkey out of the freezer and will end up tossing it into the bathtub full of hot water on Christmas morning.  But that's not going to happen ...

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