Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What's cooking?

Are you addicted to a TV series?  I have to confess that I am hooked on Master Chef, so when my daughter advised that she had bought tickets for the three of us girls to attend Master Chef Live last Sunday, I was considerably chuffed.

Our decision to arrive before the gates opened turned out to be the correct one, as we were able to wander through the exhibition halls with ease and comfort, taking in all the sights and smells - Christmas had come early for us.

Gary and George welcome the crowds at the entrance
I don't know who among the three generations was more star struck, but I would estimate that that honour was equally shared.  Celebrity chefs were fairly thick on the ground and it was hard to avoid them.

2010 Junior Master Chef winner, Isabella

Peter Gilmore of Quay Restaurant

Vincent Gadan of Patisse
Next on the list was the Mystery Box Theatre, where we joined the very long queue - a little hard for a six year-old, but she was so patient.

The show was a huge success.

Afterwards we wandered once again through the exhibition halls, this time having to battle the ever-increasing crowds.

The colours were stunning
Guess who has just laid her eyes on the biggest pink meringue in the world?

She can't believe it would fit into a mere paper bag

The anticipation of that first bite was all too tantalising

Granddaughter thought that perhaps Mummy could make this cake for her next birthday.  Mummy was non-committal.

Not wanting Mr Fudge to feel left out, I bought some colourful pasta to cook for him.  What a fun day.


BrisStyle said...

I am VERY Jealous! I think I would have been very star stuck too and that knitting cake looked AMAZING!

enticing Icing said...

ops I was signed in as Brisstyle but you knew it was me didn't you? ;)

Hot Fudge said...

Of course I did - you would have loved it Bel.

Sandrine said...

OH I am joining the Jealous wagon here! sight :)Thanks goodness you mention it was a cake with the sheep! oh lalal?!!! xx

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh wow, i had no idea it was such an expo & adventure!! Wow wee. I LOVED the Italian twin sisters who cooked up a storm last year, they were my favourites. This year i'm afraid, i just can't pick a child i adore.
Oh come on, that Sean the Sheep cake, that is a mighty impressive standard, she has great aspirations that granddaughter of yours!! Love Posie
PS where in Sydney are you living, i grew up in St Ives, darling.