Sunday, 23 October 2011

Any time in Paris

We've just been to see Midnight in Paris and I could have wept with relief.  Woody Allen is back to his best.  The opening shots of Paris filled us with such wonderful memories that if someone had tapped us on the shoulder with two free air tickets to Paris, you would not have seen us for dust.

It's not simply the elegance and charm of the city,

it's also the downright quirky sights that abound at every turn.

What a way to start the day, with a very healthy and non-fattening petit déjeuner.

We both sighed towards the end of the movie when this shop made a brief appearance, as we had visited it on our last day in Paris. 

Even if you are not a Woody Allen fan, do yourself a favour and sit back an enjoy this thoroughly delightful film.


Chrisy said...

Oh thank you for reviewing this! I loved Woody's earlier movies and to know that this one is a goodie is like discovering a fab new book!

Sandrine said...

Must put it in my to watch list do I?! I am scared that I might buy that ticket after thought!:)xx