Monday, 5 July 2010

Mission Impossible

Well, not quite - it is possible to be in two places at once if you plan ahead.  Take next weekend for instance.  Jems Quilt Sitters will be holding their annual exhibition on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 July, while BrisStyle will be holding their first Eco Market on Saturday 10 July.

Mid-winter in Brisbane is the time to get out and about, and what better way to spend the weekend than take in both a market and an exhibition?

What do a Roman cafe and exotic, fanciful birds have in common?  These are tiny glimpses of just two of the many art quilts which will be on display at the Jems Quilt Sitters' exhibition.  Historic Brookfield Hall is the perfect setting for this ever-popular weekend.  Apart from the stunning quilts, there will be a sales boutique where you can start your Christmas shopping super early.  There will be quilts for sale, as well as beautifully hand-crafted items from the very talented members of Quilt Sitters.  I will be selling my Hot Fudge label, so do stop by and say hello.

If you are partial to a little jazz, then come on the Sunday, bring along a picnic blanket or fold-up chairs and sit back for the most enjoyable afternoon filled with fun, laughter and music.  Oh, and there will be lashings of scones and cream, freshly made delicious sandwiches and coffee, tea or soft drinks.  Bliss.

To complete your shopping spree, take a trip out to Hamilton on Saturday to St Augustine's Church grounds and hall, where you will find the BrisStyle Eco Market in full swing. 

From top: Kitty Boo Boo, Cairo Made That, Edward and Lilly, Renee Treml, Little Jellygnite, and Ruby Red Studios.

This is a first for Brisbane, an Eco-friendly market where you can buy the most gorgeous items, knowing that you are doing something to help the environment.

So if you'd like to spend a few hours next weekend admiring stunning quilts, listening to some cool jazz, buying up big, or simply wanting to save Planet Earth, look no further.


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

What a great weekend ahead you have. Looks like it will be fun, and then

shelleyberelli said...

Not many sleeps to go!