Wednesday, 28 July 2010

From the Heart

It was Grandparents' Day at our grandchildren's school this morning.  Mr Fudge and I scrubbed up pretty well and arrived in plenty of time for the children's Mass.  Our little Prep School redhead was all smiles when she saw that we were in attendance, along with her mother and two little sisters.  Her big brother was busy in Grade 1 and her daddy was busy teaching at another school.

Afterwards we were proudly shown her classroom - a childhood heaven filled with coloured pencils, art paper, books, artwork, and no sign of nasty textbooks.  Why can't every year be a Prep year?  Little Miss Fudgelette wasn't interested in any of the delicious goodies laid out to tempt us for morning tea, preferring instead to improve her colouring-in techniques. 

She then presented us with this heart, with accompanying hugs.  Gosh.

On the way back to our car, we spied our grandson busily working away with a glue stick in his classroom.  When he looked up and caught sight of us, his face broke into the most delightful and surprised smile which made my heart turn to jelly.

A few days back we received an important looking letter in the mail, all the way from Sydney.  We opened it to discover this:

We will be staying with the Sydney branch of the family for a few days shortly and Miss Emily (also in Prep) was so excited she took pencil to paper and worked slavishly on this masterpiece.  Obviously that's Mr Fudge on the left with the grey hair, me in the middle with my miraculously natural brown hair, and the artist herself to the right.  Don't ask me what the black stuff is extruding from our mouths ...  

We immediately sent emails to her expressing our joyful thanks, and her mother tells us that she was  "beaming and preening herself in delight at the reception her picture received".

 Our rogue's gallery is running out of wall space.   

We are so lucky.  There are seven little Australians who think the sun shines out of us, and we'll lap it up for all it's worth.

Speaking of sun, when it goes down on Friday it will be time to join in the fun at the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market.  It's mid-winter in Brisbane, but this will be the HOTtest spot in town - don't miss it!  

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nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Don' you just love those drawings and artwork from your "grandies."

Our rogues gallery is getting full, we love getting things from the US.