Friday, 2 April 2010


Speed has certainly been the theme of the week.  My sewing machine has informed me in no uncertain terms that it wants a break, so I have been hurrying in an attempt to get as much done before it goes off to the machine hospital tomorrow for an overhaul.  Am I the only one who thinks that by speeding the machine will hold together a little longer?

This delightful fabric by Japanese textile designer Etsuko Furuya has been sitting around in my sewing room for a couple of months now, waiting for inspiration.

When this gorgeous voile by Anna Maria Horner arrived, I discovered that it clicked beautifully with the Etsuko fabric.

It's currently for sale in my Etsy shop.

Keeping speed theme going, my daughter took part in some speed dating this week.  No, not that kind - I doubt her husband would have been too impressed with that.  It was an event at the CarriageWorks in Sydney where artists and curators chat for 2.5 minutes and the artists pitch their ideas, projects, body of work, etc.  You can take a speedy look here: Art Week Speed Dating.  With a keen mother's eye, I caught a glimpse of her working the room.

Her day ended on a speedy note, as she won the raffle they were running (boom-boom) and the prize was a $1,500 Dutch bicycle.  So beware on the roads in Sydney over the Easter weekend in case you are threatened by a speeding artist on a bicycle.  She'll be easy to pick - she'll be the one with the still wet canvasses under one arm while negotiating her way through the crazy Eastern Suburbs traffic.

Have a wonderful Easter and try not to speed.

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