Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Work in Progress

At long last I have started on a new quilt - well,  a wall hanging to be precise.  It's part of a challenge and this is only a tiny portion of the design.  I would be shot at dawn if I showed any more.

Jems Quilt Sitters will be holding their popular annual exhibition mid-year and I have two quilts to complete in that time.  This wall hanging is part of the Whispers Challenge.  We are divided into groups of five. The first person received a photograph, and was required to create a quilt inspired by the photo. The second person gets to see the first quilt (but not the photo) and makes a quilt inspired by it. The third person gets to see the second quilt… and so on.

I am fourth in the line and have already passed on my quilt to the last participant in our team.  I can hardly wait to see them all together, and to take a look at the original photograph.

More on this and the other quilt which is still in my head later on.


Chrisy said...

oh gosh what an interesting process...can't wait to see the finished product...the little I can see here look intriguing.

Anonymous said...

very cool-looking quilt. thanks for sharing this little bit. ;-)