Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A Market and a Reunion

It's been quite an eventful weekend and I have only now recovered enough to recall all that has taken place.

Of course, last Saturday we awoke under a cloud of constant rain, not what you want to see when you are about to leave to set up for a market.  We left at the crack of dawn to travel to the other side of the city and the further we travelled, the lighter the rain became, so that by the time we reached Hamilton it had all but stopped raining and the grounds weren’t too bad, all things considered.

I had a brand new banner which as a precaution I had weather-proofed, so at least it arrived unscathed. 

After setting up my stall ...

... it was time to check outside to see how the weather was holding up.

Thankfully the rain had stopped and a good half hour before the markets were due to open, the crowds started to trickle in.

Back in the hall the the stall holders had completed setting up and it all looked wonderful.  Here are a few of the stores:

And outside Ruby2GoGo was drawing the crowds.

Time for a quiet snack ...

... before some more serious shopping.

Considering the record amounts of rain which have fallen over Brisbane in the past month, we were very fortunate to have a reasonably dry spell during the market hours.  It was a very happy atmosphere - there's something about the BrisStyle markets which puts a smile on everyone's face.

As soon as the markets ended we quickly packed up and, leaving Mr Fudge to his own devices for a couple of days, I took a flight to Sydney for a school reunion the next morning.  I was met at the airport by my best friend from our schooldays and her husband - our two closest and dearest friends.  We were up with the birds the next morning for the trip to our old school.  I had not seen some of the girls in many a year, but once they smiled, we were transported back to our teen years and the day passed all too quickly.

That evening we joined some of the husbands for a meal at an Italian restaurant.  It ended with me holding my best friend's hand while we waited anxiously at the emergency ward of the Royal North Shore Hospital where her husband had been rushed by ambulance.  He is diabetic and we suspected it may have been Hypoglycemia.  As it turned out, his heart and blood tests were fine - it appears that he had a suspected case of Salmonella.  However, all the "evidence" was left back at the restaurant.  We were just grateful that he was well enough to come home with us at 1.00 in the morning.

It was a pretty sobering experience seeing someone you care for lying in such a distressed state, and it certainly brought home that you can't take anything for granted.  Thank goodness he's fine now.

On a happier note, I met up the next day with our two daughters and two grandsons (big sister was at school).  Needless to say, their company was delightful and I was spoilt with high tea in the Queen Victoria Building. Our three year-old grandson really did himself proud sucking the life out of the cakes.

After picking up the new schoolgirl later that afternoon, she asked me to sit for a portrait.

The likeness is uncanny.


wimcee said...

Well done cramming so much into your week-end!! and love the images, particularly the portrait!

Chrisy said...

Oh yes I recognised you straight away! I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you at the market...I haven't a clue as to how I missed you. You're right about the atmosphere positive...and all the stalls were so professional looking....there really is no other market I can think of that is as lovely in every wayas this one. Oh and I cannot believe what you've done in the last few days, and so pleased you were there for your girlfriend.