Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Postman Always Knocks Thrice

How does that old saying go? A watched PO Box never delivers. Maybe it's true, because I had been expecting a couple of deliveries from overseas, but came home from trips to the post office box empty handed. Very disappointing. Then Mr Fudge arrived home yesterday with not one but three little parcels for me. I do the dance of joy.

After a shortened version of eenie meenie minie moh (I only got as far as eenie), I chose the first parcel, the one from the US. There among all the trims, etc I had ordered were these sweet little pink buttons, a gift from the supplier. I was tickled ... well ... pink, of course, as the next dress I have lined up to make is pink and the buttons match the fabric perfectly. Serendipity.

The next parcel was from China - my eagerly awaited woven garment labels from a new supplier, and they were exactly what I wanted. And tucked away with the order was this little gift.

We had been given an apron with this design by our daughter some time last year, and now I think I will turn this into my name tag. It has become my catch phrase.

And so finally I opened the last little parcel. I already knew what was inside - an adorable pair of hair clips - pink, of course, as I had won a giveaway on the blog of fellow BrisStyler, the lovely Katie of Kitty Boo Boo.

But what I didn't expect were two of the prettiest headbands and another pair of hair clips, all in co-ordinating colours.

There was a message from Katie, saying that she couldn't leave the others out. What she was referring to were our four little granddaughters. I was speechless (and Mr Fudge will tell you that that doesn't happen very often in my waking hours). If you take a look at her shop you will see what a versatile artisan she is. Thank you so much for your incredible generosity, Katie. Our little darlings will look adorable wearing their new hair clips and head bands. I only hope they don't fight over them!

Speaking of hair clips, during our BrisStyle first anniversary lunch I bought some hair clips from the talented duo Em and Bel (both very pregnant) of EmbelIsh. These clips became part of the bling hidden in the drawers of the musical jewellery boxes we gave the two four-year-old cousins on their joint birthdays. They fell in love with them and the next day when we met up with the Sydney branch of the family for lunch, there was Emily proudly wearing hers - and very cute she looked too.

Well, I've had my fill of surprises - all of which were well worth the wait. I wonder what the postman has in store for me next week?


edward and lilly said...

Wow, so many goodies. I'm waiting for the postman too .....

Hey Harriet said...

You must have a very large sized post box! It's so fun when parcels arrive in the mail. I think it's even more fun when a bunch arrive at the same time. It's just like Cristmas opening them all up! What a sweet thing for Katie to do. Isn't she lovely! Enjoy your goodies :)

Jetta's Nest said...

What a lovely big haul. There is not very much as sweet as long-awaited parcels arriving....especially all on the same day :)