Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Easter Bunny Cometh

This is a long tale, so maybe you should grab yourself a coffee and pull up a chair.

This image came by email from our daughter in Sydney a few days before Easter - a terrifying sight and a warning of what was to come.

Forewarned, last Wednesday we arrived at the airport to greet the first of the Sydney branch of the family who flew in a few days early to help celebrate Grandad's birthday the following day. A special treat had been planned in secret and that's why I was seen at a railway museum (eek! I felt pretty confident that none of my quilting friends would see me there, though).

All the boys had such an exciting time, and even one little girl found it entertaining.

Special protection glasses were compulsory in the blacksmith's workshop.

All the better to see the sparks fly.

Although the noise level was a little high for a two year-old.

Back to the child sized equipment. That's better.

The next morning it was back to the airport to greet the newlyweds who flew in from Sydney, and for the first time our entire family was assembled in the one city. We were merciful and let them sleep in on Saturday morning until 6.00am. It was time to hit the farmers' markets.

First things first ... coffee.

Ah ... that's better (the bride still can't believe how early we dragged her out of bed).

Time to browse ...

... and to be entertained.

On go the hats.

He's man enough to wear his sister's.

Temptations were avoided ...

... and the healthy option taken.

Now for home to prepare for the family reunion/Easter/birthday lunch.

There was great excitement as the Sydney cousins met their new little Brisbane cousin and re-acquainted themselves with the older children.

A very pregnant aunt meets her five month-old niece and gets in some baby-holding practice.

Emily was highly amused by the antics of her Brisbane uncle ("My cousin's father").

Then it was time for the Easter egg hunt - indoors because of the rain (Snake? What snake?).

Closely followed by opening birthday presents ...

... finishing up with the blowing out of the candles on the joint fourth birthday cake.

I know, I know, I cheated and ended up making just the one. The thought of making two mermaid cakes almost brought on a panic attack. The girls didn't even notice!

Easter Sunday morning saw us back at the airport nice and early in time for the newly-weds to catch their flight back to Sydney.

After Easter Mass at the Cathedral we were treated to a lovely lunch at an inner city hotel, where the Easter Bunny made a surprise visit and freaked out the birthday girl...

... and who could blame her?

However, she quickly recovered when it was discovered that chocolate eggs came into the equation.

When the bunny said to the 100 or so children, "One, two, three - go!" it was all to much for our intrepid hunters, so the assembled crowd was witness to a grandmother elbowing six year-olds out of the way to grab the last couple of eggs left after the ten seconds mad dash. Not a pretty sight I grant you, but what else could be done?

Little brother was more interested in the plastic oranges. Maybe I should have grabbed some of those - no one else appeared interested in them.

And so our perfect week came to an end. It was a truly joyous time with the whole family together - bring on Christmas!


Anonymous said...

That Easter Bunny costumes is truly freaky. Where are your kookaburras when you need them?

Hey Harriet said...

What a delightful post Robyn! I did as you suggested and made a coffee first :) It was lovely to read about your family get-together and all of the fun things you did. I remember wearing those goggles at the Rail Museum and they made me feel drunk. I couldn't walk while I was wearing them. It was so weird! Not quite as weird as that odd scary looking Easter bunny though!

Hey, Christmas will be here before you know it. You'll see :)

fede said...

Looks like the best weekend.... you tell a great story - it always keeps me reading! It truly is a joy when the entire family comes together - doesn't happen often for us either :)

mimoo said...

Blimey that easter bunny is super scary!
who on earth would think that is appealing to anyone let alone children!!! ha
I took your advice but unfortunately I am not as virtueous as hey harriet and I am enjoying a glass of wine!

Chrisy said...

Sounds were treadin in dangerous territory there at that egg hunt!

Anonymous said...

How delicious are all those grandchildren?? What a great weekend.

x Catherine