Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Happy Two

THE PAST FEW DAYS have produced two happy events. The first involved the arrival of fabric (always a gleeful event) and the second involved a grandchild's birthday celebration.

Fabric Day was rainy and windy, the last remnants of a cold winter (well, cold for us living in sub-tropical Brisbane). After waiting impatiently for the expected parcel to arrive in my post box for several days, finally there it was. This lovely package arrived from Charlie of Fabric Supplies (fabricsupplies.etsy.com), my favourite fabric supplier. The collection is Sandi Henderson's Farmer's Market designs and I absolutely fell in love with them at first sight.

After the usual drooling, I washed and ironed the stash and am in the process of planning some pretty outfits for little girls. Oh, I don't want to cut into this gorgeous fabric, but I know I must!

The second, and much, much more important event was the celebration of our youngest granddaughter's birthday. She turned two on 4 September (ever to be known as the day Steve Irwin died - bummer!) and she generously brought her family to visit us for lunch on Sunday. It was a double celebration, being Father's Day, so we had three generations to cheer on - husband, son and granddaughter.

Birthday Girl ripped her way through the pink and orange tissue paper wrapped gifts and immediately fell in love with her very own beads, made by my good friend Joy (who can be seen riding a fire engine in my last post).

While the beads were getting all the attention, Hat Boy quietly sneaked away to play with one of his little sister's other gifts.

Enter Miss Red on the scene. After a bit of snatch and grab, we soon have a full-blown drama on our hands.

After Dad has a few gentle words, peace descends once again. Miss Red has made the trembling lip an art form, but she can't resist Hat Boy's charms.

Meanwhile, Birthday Girl is still captivated by her beads and has no idea that her other gifts have caused battles. Time for the party food.

Hat Boy likes to leave the chocolate icing to the last - shades of my childhood! After a squashy cheeks hug from Grandad, it was time to get the little folk home. A perfect day.

Oh, and to top my week I received a lovely award from Pixie Kisses (http://pixie-kisses.blogspot.com/). I am humbled and delighted at the same time, so please take a look at Pixie Kisses - it's a lovely blog.

Today Tony and I took ourselves off to the Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art, as we realise that it was the last week of the Picasso and His Collection exhibition.

It is the first time the collection has been outside Europe, so we feel very fortunate to have it in our own city - the only place in Australia it will be visiting. The collection consists of 150 works in Picasso's private collection, featuring not only his own works, but those of his favourite artists. It was absolutely wonderful and we were delighted to see so many school children attending with their dedicated art teachers. It augers well for the future of art appreciation in Australia.


Ali said...

Your 'big' two year old looks so glamorous in her beads! It looks like it was a happy day (apart from the little present 'tiff', that is!!)
You're right, the Picasso exhibition (and the earlier Warhol one) certainly auger well for a great Brisbane art scene!

moxylyn said...

The fabric is beautiful and the kids are adorable! Love his red newsboy hat!

Bec said...

What a lovely post. The fabric is beautiful (can't wait to see what you make from it) and your granddaughter's birthday looks just wonderful. Reminds me very much of birthday gatherings at our house. Glad you had a lovely day :)

Hey Harriet said...

Your grandchildren are such little cuties & the birthday pics are adorable! Congrats on your well deserved award from Pixie Kisses! I'm also looking forward to seeing what you create from that awesome fabric stash :)

I finally went to Picasso today. Loved it so much! I agree with you about it being delightful so many school children attending but I would have preferred that they all attended on a different day to me ;) It was so crowded today! Not only with school children. I was really surprised by how many people were there with it being the last week & all. Had a great day anyway! The art scene in Brisbane now just makes me so proud of our little city :)

shells said...

Awww, I love kids parties!! It looks like there was a lot of fun had! And no kids party is complete without tears :/
I also looooove getting a big stack of supplies and sorting through them and imagining all the things I could make! You have some beautiful fabric there, have fun with it!

Twinkle Star Art said...

Your grandchildren are adorable. What a gorgeous post :)