Thursday, 18 September 2008

Busy Times

Life has been pretty frantic over the past week. My brother flew up from Sydney to spend the weekend with us – the main reason for the visit (apart from seeing us, of course!) was the Rugby Union match here between Australia and New Zealand, our arch enemies. He had bought tickets for the three of us to see the game and we were really looking forward to it.

Saturday morning was the beginning of a glorious Spring day and we headed out at the crack of dawn for the New Farm Farmers’ Markets to buy fresh fruit, vegetables and meat, and to soak up the wonderful atmosphere. This fortnightly market produces the most wondrous parade of canine characters. My brother couldn't get over it and cursed that he had left his video camera at home. Some of the dogs were on leashes, while others rode haughtily in their owners’ trolleys or baskets, and we even saw one a few weeks back being cradled in a baby sling.

Coffee is always the first vendor we hit before a leisurely stroll through the crowded stalls, selecting the best produce in season.

We drove home with our goodies and had a light lunch of delicious Greek spinach and cheese pie and green salad (some of our market purchases) and spent the afternoon catching up and reminiscing, as we always do on such family occasions.

Early dinner was at the Hilton Hotel before we boarded the free bus service to take us to the football stadium. This was a first for me and I think the bus driver’s last job was with a roller derby demolition team. However, we arrived in one piece and the game was exciting, even if the outcome wasn’t. The bus trip back to the city was at a more stately pace, which only served to prolong the agony of enduring a busload of over-enthusiastic Kiwis (a little unsporting, I thought) who seemed to think that we should share in their joy.

The next day the three of us drove to the Gold Coast, about an hour from Brisbane, to catch up with a relative and her family who we had not seen for many years. The day was extremely happy – I don’t know how we let time slip by without contact. I guess life is hectic all round and we really should take time out to remember the important things, like keeping in touch with family.

In between all this, another package of fabric arrived from the States, and it was all the inspiration I needed to get cracking on the quilt which I have to have completed by early November. There are 56 pieces in each block, so you can appreciate my panic. One block is completed and up on my design wall. Well … at least it’s a start.

Somewhere in the last week I managed to make some outfits from the fabric I had been drooling over since its arrival a few days earlier.

My son sent us an email yesterday, telling of the latest adventures of their just-turned-two-year-old. From the time she was a baby she has been She the Adventuress, climbing precariously up onto furniture way before she could walk.

Apparently Matt caught her teaching her older brother and sister how to climb the chest of drawers. When Matt walked in she covered her mouth and went, “Oh oh!”, turned to the other two and said, “Run away! Quickly!” before turning to her father with her big eyes and saying, “Daddy! Hold me!” What a girl.


Joanne said...

What a lovely week Robyn filled with all the good things in life - family, football (not my favourite! but my husbands!) and sewing! I love your new creations - nothing like some new fabrics to get the inspiration going :)

Hey Harriet said...

Those new items are adorable! Very SWEET! The story about 'She the Adventuress' made me chuckle. Cute & clever! She'll go far in life! I haven't been to the NF Farmers' Markets for ages. I have difficulty getting out of bed that early on weekends, but I need to make the effort & go. With my canine character in tow :) Well that was a fun sounding weekend you had! Except for the football part of it. I would have taken a book along to the game. Which is exactly what I did the one & only time I attended a footy match. My partner of that time wasn't impressed ;)

Twinkle Star Art said...

Mmmmm... yummy bread photo. Your fabric and your new spring outfits even more yummy, so sweet!

Oooh that little 2 year Miss old sounds familiar. I know how stressful life can be for the parents of a cheeky monkey who loves to climb.

shells said...

I'm glad you had such a great weekend! The NF farmers markets are awesome, aren't they? I haven't been in forever. Those new pieces you've made are super cute, well done!

Karen said...

Great blog and beautiful clothing! My granddaughter is 2... what dolls they are at that age. Keep writing!

Bec said...

He he, it's been a while since I've been to the New Farm farmer's market, but I do actually remember the dogs!!! (and the cannoli....yum!!!!). Your new creations are gorgeous - so summery and happy. And as another parent of an adventurous climbing 2 year old who also loves to play the 'cute' card - what can I say - I totally sympathise :P

Ali said...

hee hee - that little granddaughter of yours is gorgeous Robyn! She's got it all figured out, hey!!