Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Choice? Noice!

Australians all let us be choice,
For we are young and three!!

- Words by Emily, aged three (of course)

BETWEEN YOU AND ME, this is a much better version of our Anthem than the original lyrics, stirring as they may be. They were sung with gusto last Sunday after Emily's mother (our daughter) had finished a gruelling fun (?) run across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, around the foreshores of the harbour, and finishing up at the Opera House. Our heroine can be seen finishing in the white cap.

If you thought the run was exhausting ...

... have a care for the poor spectators!

Where is she?

Ah ... there you are!

I'm afraid the only exercise I seem to get these days is using my Bernina knee lever (guilt, guilt).

I had some Japanese fabric from the Echino range, crying out to be made into a jumper dress for my Etsy shop, and when some yellow spotted fabric arrived last week, I couldn't procrastinate any longer. It's a size 2 and being reversible, it saves packing an extra outfit in the bag if there's a tragic ice-cream spill while miles from home. It's a simple matter of inverting it and re-buttoning at the shoulders. Easy.

The quilt deadline is looming ever closer and progress is slow but steady. Hopefully I should finish the top by this time next week and it's then only a simple (ha!) matter of machine quilting and finishing off the binding. What can be difficult about that? Squeezed in between this I have some desktop publishing jobs to attack and then there's the imminent arrival of a new grandchild (can't wait to meet her and spoil her rotten). Then in a few days I am expecting Mr Postman to bring me lots of new fabrics ... and I know what will happen once that fabric arrives!


Twinkle Star Art said...

I think the words 'free' and 'three' mean the same thing don't they? That's so funny and too cute :)

lOve your reversible jumper dress! Hope you have a wonderful week. Cheers, Amanda

Hey Harriet said...

Your daughter's idea of fun is certainly not mine ;) Good on her though! That little dress is so sweet! What a nifty idea with it being reversible! If only my clothes were reversible. I'm always spilling stuff on myself :)

shells said...

I love that version much more! That dress is sooooo cute! What better idea for toddlers than reversible clothes? Saves you having to take that extra outfit out with you :)

shells said...

Whoops! Sorry for inciting the Christmas panic attack! Even though I'm thinking about it already, I can pretty much guarantee that I'll be running around at the last minute like usual!

Ali said...

I'm all for reversible clothes! That little dress is wonderful Robyn - love the orange dots!

Bec said...

Well I guess if we are 'three' then we certainly are 'young' as well :P Your daughter must be very keen (and fit!!!). Makes me feel very slobby :P
I adore that dress - Etsuko Furuya is one of my fav japansese designers. And her fabric works so well with those dots (Amy Butler??). Just gorgeous :)