Saturday, 9 November 2013

Come and get it

November, the month when people realise that Christmas is only a little more than a month away.  This year for some reason shoppers are getting an early start and snapping up clothing and gifts for the season.

I had been sewing along at a reasonable pace, filling a steady stream of orders when yesterday my Christmas skirt was featured on the Madeit Shopping Guide.  The skirt sold immediately, as well as two dresses and a custom order.  Suddenly my comfort zone was pushed to the edge.  As a consequence, there is now a two week waiting list on made-to-order items.

However, I do have lots of items ready to ship, so if you are in a hurry for something, maybe you will find it here.  It's a long list, so grab a cup of coffee and scroll at your leisure.  I only have one of each item, but have listed both websites where they can be purchased. First in best dressed!

Ready to ship


Sugar Plum Christmas party skirt, Size 7/8, available here or here

Twirly Layered Skirt, Christmas Trees, size 4,  here or here
Ombre Skirt, Red Dots, size 8,  here or here


Red Dandelion Butterfly Sleeve dress, size 4, here or here

Tiered Party Dress, Blue Rhapsody, size 6, here or here
London Blooms, size 4, here and here
Sail Away, size 2, here and here

Pink Parfait, size 18/24 months, here and here
Tunic Dress, Raspberry Paisley, size 8, here and here
Party Bow Dress, Blue & Mocha Floral, size 3, here and here
Florabunda, size 2, here and here
Bella, size 3, here and here
Party Bow Dress, Summer Tree, size 5, here and here
Party Bow Dress, Hearts and Roses, size 8, here and here
Pink Chevron Sundress,, fully lined, size 2, here and here
Jumper Dress, Daisies, size 1, here and here
Strawberry Tea Party, Size 5, here and here
Cotton Candy, Size 3, here and here
Skirts, Tops, Rompers

Twirly Skirt, Sail Away, Size 1, here and here
Layered Skirt, Blue Dahlias, Size 6, here and here
Layered Skirt, Tropical Days, Size 6, here and here
Butterfly Garden, Size 7, here and here
Bubble Romper, Lov ebirds, size 3-6 months, here and here
Coconut Ice, Size 2, here and here

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Creative Wishes said...

Wow, your skirts and dresses are simply adorable!