Monday, 17 June 2013

What's in a name?

There are so many fabrics available to us today that making a choice can be quite daunting.  There I was a couple of weeks back trawling through a local fabric store when a particular fabric caught my eye.  I picked up the bolt and looked at the selvage.  What I saw took me by complete surprise.

Our first-born's name is Marianne Elizabeth and I had assumed that the combination of these two names would have been unique.  Apparently not so.  There is another.  It was meant to be and I snapped up several metres.

It was such a pretty, soft colour that I knew it was perfect for a little toddler's party dress.

My friend Sandrine of Image In Cafe lives in the warmer climate of Queensland's Gold Coast, so I sent the dress up to her to be photographed.

I received the images today and all I could say was Oooooo!  I am so happy with them.

It's available in sizes 1 to 5 and can be found here or here.  And the name of the dress?

Marianne, of course.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story behind a name Robyn! Everyone that saw that little dress was in total love you attention to details is just amazing these days! and... the fabric is sooooo beautiful, fabulous!! Sandrine x

Hot Fudge said...

Thank you so much Sandrine. May I add what's a dress without an adorable little model and beautiful photography?