Monday, 13 May 2013

There were bubbles

We mothers had been promised bubbles and we were not disappointed.  And they were indeed of the champagne variety and not soapy ones.

Sydney put on her best clothes for Mother's Day yesterday and the city came alive with people taking advantage of the incredible weather that only the month of May can produce.

We gathered at our favourite hotel in the city for what our grandchildren claim to be the best food ever - buffet.  Where else can you have hot chips, tomato sauce and chocolate macarons on the same plate?   Some of us preferred the champagne which appeared to flow in abundance.

The children were preening themselves with pleasure at having both sets of grandparents present when our son-in-law's parents flew up from Melbourne for the weekend.

And there was Aunty Maz who is always good fun.

As we were sipping our coffee at the end of the meal the hotel staff presented us mothers with a gift box.

Full of chocolates.

Thankfully the city gardens were across the road, so handy to walk off the meal.

A perfect day.  When Sydney turns on her charms, you wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

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