Saturday, 18 May 2013

It's a small world

How fortunate are we today to have the world at our fingertips.

A little while back I was contacted by an American designer who sells her patterns on line.  She made some flattering noises in my direction and asked if I would be interested in making up some designs from her patterns which I could sell in my Etsy shop, with a link back to her own shop.  Always a sucker for complimentary remarks, of course I agreed.

The patterns arrived in PDF format and in no time I was well into the task at hand.

It was early autumn and I knew that I would have to get the finished garments down to talented Melbourne photographer Yvette of Kees and Me Photography before the poor little models froze to death.

I also sent one dress to lovely Queensland stylist Sandrine of Image In Cafe, knowing that the weather would be warmer and therefore a little kinder to the model.

The latest completed dress was mailed to California where talented child photographer Sara of Boutique Baby Photography advised that she had a rare opening for a photography shoot.

So from America I received PDF patterns thanks to the magical mysteries of the internet.  The dresses were made in Sydney, mailed to Melbourne and Brisbane here in Australia and to California to be photographed and finally put up for sale through Etsy, with its headquarters in New York.


All these garments can be purchased through my Etsy and MadeIt shops.  I know, I know, blatant self promotion.  I have no shame.

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