Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas Wishes

Conversation with my seven year-old granddaughter last night.

Grandma, when are you picking up your new glasses?

On Monday.

What will they be like?

Oh, they will be brilliant.  They will be multi-coloured and they'll have fireworks shooting out in all directions.

They're going to be black and boring, aren't they?


It's a bit depressing when you are outwitted by your grandchildren, but in another way it brings a glow to the heart.  These are smart children with a keen sense of the ridiculous, an essential ingredient to being part of the Fudge Family.  I mean, how many three year-old boys want a street sweeper for Christmas?  I have a horrible suspicion we are talking full-size here.  And he assures me that he's going to get it because he told Santa.

At last the tree is up.  In true fashion it did not happen overnight, but it did happen.  It all started here.

Mr Tangles goes through the yearly ritual of wondering who on earth packed the lights away last year so thoughtlessly.  

Poor tree.  

After four hours of sighing, cursing and swearing, finally some light.

Yes, it was worth all the pain and sweat.

We are looking forward so eagerly to seeing our Queensland family which has increased alarmingly over the past few days with the addition of four new kittens.  No matter how cute they look with big red bows adorning their necks, we will resist all offers of a Feline Fudge to bring back to Sydney.

May you all have the most wonderful Christmas, and watch out for a three year-old driving his street sweeper crazily down your street. 

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