Friday, 12 October 2012


That's the sound of this week - whoosh.

Last Saturday the clan descended on the Brenda May Gallery at Waterloo for the official opening of the  Art + Food: Beyond the Still Life exhibition which features some of our daughter Maz Dixon's works.  

I don't know much about art, but I know what I like. 
No, this gentleman and his companion are not part of our clan, but it's good to see that some canines do enjoy visiting galleries.  Or perhaps he was expecting more food and less art.  Here are a few random shots taken on the day.

The next day our three year-old grandson came to our apartment to mind us while his parents and two older siblings attended Cirque du Soleil - OVO.  I think we had more fun than they did.  He even brought along his all-time favourite food - bacon and cheese rolls followed by chocolate chip cookies.  Last time he came he insisted on cheese and honey sandwiches, so it was an improvement.

He gave me tips on how to improve my dressmaking skills.  What a boy.  And you can ask me anything on the creatures in Minuscule, because I know them all, frame by frame.

The weekdays were taken up with dress orders, so thank goodness I had my new-found techniques fresh in mind from Sunday's lessons.  If I am not heard of in the next few days, I can probably be found under a pile of fluff from the sewing and overlocker machines.

To complete the week, today my candy stripe top is featured on the front page of MadeIt, which makes me very happy.  

So where did the week go?  Whoosh.

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