Sunday, 21 October 2012

My sort of Twilight

You can keep all those werewolves and vampires.  My ideal twilight is sitting with old friends in the evening sun (ah, the joys of daylight savings) in a local park, listening to a jazz concert.

Yesterday was one of those magical spring days that Sydney does so well when she sets her mind to it. Fourteen of us gathered at Wahroonga Park to settle back for an evening of fun and music.  

Mind you, we were not alone.  A few of the neighbours took advantage of the stunning weather to join us.

There were picnics ...

... and lots of red balloons.

Local-girl-made-good Monica Trapaga kicked off the evening with a wonderful selection of old time classics.  I had a dress very similar to hers when I was a lot younger and actually had a waistline.  Sigh.  The last time I saw Monica was back in June at the Etsy Success Sydney conference.  She was in the audience and I was making cringing memories to take with me to my grave.  

Then we were wowed by The Rat Pack, who had the adults tapping their feet and the munchkins dancing.

Mr Fudge was so happy to be seen in public with his new nose finally unbandaged.  He's mightily pleased with it.

As the evening set in we walked slowly back to our friends' home for a delightful dinner.  What a perfect twilight. 

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