Monday, 11 June 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays

What else could you expect on the last day of a long weekend?  Rain and a temperature of 13 degrees Celsius.  What to do?  Go on a steam train, of course.

Tickets had been purchased many weeks back, which was just as well, because it seemed as though half Sydney's population had the same idea.

Granddad Fudge was in his element, being a steam fanatic from childhood.  He had a very attentive audience hanging off his every word.

The enthusiasm was contagious and there was a rush to get on board.

For one mad moment I was tempted to throw myself onto the coal ...

... so that I could end up here.  At least I would be warm.

We quickly found our seats and we were away.

It was then that I discovered that I had a stow-away hidden in my rain jacket pocket.  

We Fudge Seniors have a running gag going back many years.  This wind-up nun is secreted in the other's possessions and discovered at the most unusual times and locations.  My last memory of her was enjoying an espresso in Rome back in 2009.  Hisself had better be watchful, because I have a feeling that nun is about to show up when he least expects it.

The children enjoyed their half-time snacks while we waited for the train to begin its return journey.

But I was holding out for something a little warmer back in the city.  A vat of cafe latte, French style.

It was well worth the wait, and much more satisfying than leaping into the steam locomotive fire box.


Anonymous said...

I thought you'd be going to the Zig Zag railway, as it's closing down in a week or so. Oops, perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned that...

Hot Fudge said...

Noooooooo!!!!! Don't mention it to your father. It can be our little secret.

Mannick...91 said...

Your grandchildren have been happy to make this trip in an old steam train,,,,