Monday, 14 May 2012

I'm full up to my neck, but not my brain

This was our five year-old grandson's way of explaining that he still had room for dessert.  And as dessert was ice cream, who could blame him?

It was Mothers Day, fine but freezing, and my daughter and I were treated to the most perfect family lunch at a harbour-side beach restaurant.

The beach was all but deserted, but inside the place was a-buzz with activity.  So many mothers to feed!

We started with something pink and bubbly.

I am so pleased that the crafty gene has passed through to our seven year-old granddaughter, who taught me to finger knit while we awaited the arrival of our entrée.

For our main course, The Spouse and I chose to share pure Suffolk lamb shoulder which had been slow braised for six hours or six months - can't quite remember which.  It was served with roasted heritage carrots, mashed potatoes, salsa verde and jus. Oh my goodness.  Would there be room for dessert?

What do you think?  

She may not have the artistic talent of her older sister, but Middle Child is passing on her yarn skills to her own daughter.

With great success.

I hope you all had the most wonderful Mothers' Day.  I know we did.

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Chrisy said...

What a beautiful setting for an obviously beautiful day. I actually think I've been to that restaurant in a past life! How blessed we are....