Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Show Time

We've been back in Sydney for eight months now and we are still experiencing the novelty of the difference in the seasons.  Brisbane's Aprils are still in summer mode, but here in Sydney we are certainly feeling the early bite of winter.  However, the one of the rewards is the blooming of the beautiful sasanqua camellias which are everywhere.

Another reward is the Sydney Royal Easter Show, which we Fudges have such fond memories stretching back to the early post-war years when our parents would take us faithfully every year.  We carried on the tradition with our own children in the Seventies and Eighties and this year we visited the Show with our grandchildren.

We were so fortunate that the day was gloriously warm and sunny, the last gasp before winter sets in.   

 The children were keen to see the animals.  Who would have thought that judging bunnies was such a serious business?

High on the list was the dog pavilion ... 

... where the children immediately fell in love with this Australian Shepherd (an American breed - very confusing).  Methinks their parents are in for some serious begging-for-a-dog times ahead.

Snack time found us at the wood chopping arena.

This young boy was celebrating his 15th birthday by competing with experienced axemen, including his world champion father.  The worrywart mother in me was terrified that he would take a tumble as he balanced precariously on the top plank which was high off the ground.  However, he came through it unscathed, to the wild acclamation of the crowds.

Time to calm down and take in the more genteel arts.  These two delightful ladies were giving their expert opinions on the cake decoration display (I'm guessing that the cardigan is all her own work).

I was so pleased to discover that two of my new friends from St Ives Quilters, Judy Day (above) and Heather Watts (below) were prize winners in the Quilts section.

I know from my own childhood that the most important part of the show is the Show Bags Pavilion.  Nothing has changed - except the prices.   

What a privilege it was to experience the show through the eyes of our young grandchildren.  

Time to go home.

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Chrisy said...

What a lovely day...thank you for sharing...I did like those genteel ladies...maybe I'll grow my hair...ditch the dye and embrace the bun?