Sunday, 8 April 2012

Don't eat the ears

Food colouring.  Have you ever wondered if it's possessed by a mischievous spirit?  No matter how carefully a few drops are aimed at cake frosting, it will take a leap to the left and land on your clothes, the floor, your hands, anywhere except where it was intended.

Once you get that red food colouring on your fingers, you can kiss any important social engagements goodbye for the next three days.

Yesterday in the city our favourite chocolate shop was doing a roaring Easter trade.

The window displays were so tempting - we had to buy one of those fish.

This morning, armed with Easter eggs and the bunny cupcakes, headed off to visit some of the family.

We were treated to a delicious roast lamb lunch.

Time for the cupcakes and the cry went up, "Don't eat the ears!"

After such a wonderful meal we sat back and enjoyed a piano recital.

And a quiet game of chess.

A very Happy Easter to you all.  I hope you managed to spend the day with loved ones.

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Chrisy said...

What a lovely Easter. The children of course are adorable...also love those little egg holders...and your bunting...oh and the cupcakes...and those haig choc windows...and and...sorry obviously sugar overload here!