Monday, 30 May 2011

The things you miss when you have a cold ...

The Attack of the Cold Virus struck with a vengeance last Thursday.  Not your common variety, but one of those nasty superior ones.  I guess on the cusp of winter it's to be expected, but it caused me to miss visiting the BrisStyle Twilight Market on Friday evening.

Images courtesy of Bec Hollis

Doesn't it look enchanting? What a difference a month makes.

This is what it looked like last month when we had to contend with a couple of wild storm fronts and a royal wedding thrown in for good measure.  Despite all the odds thrown against us, we did attract the crowds, but the weather left a lot to be desired.
Fast forward to last Friday.  This time from all reports it was perfect, with large and appreciative crowds snapping up hand-made goodness.

Wonder Woman market organiser Helen Berthold at Red Revival's store
Not a drop of rain in sight
However, I am busily stocking up for the next BrisStyle market on 9 July at St Augustine's church grounds, Racecourse Road, Hamilton.
In the meantime I've had a very busy week, with 10 dress orders coming in, including this little number which a client is giving as a first birthday gift.  Time to get back to the machine.


Chrisy said...

Oh it looks full of life...hope you're feeling better...

Kathy said...

Sorry you missed the markets, I was looking forward to meeting you in person finally! Hope you are feeling better quickly:)