Friday, 6 May 2011


Several friends have left over the past couple of weeks on flights to Europe, England and other exciting places.  Instead of tucking into comfort food, I took a nostalgic trip through my photo collection of our trip back in 2009.  Can it be that long ago?  Frightening.

Here are some images seen through green eyes.



Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris 

Parisian fashion

Paris flowers


Ancestral gravestone, Alness, Scotland

Orkney thistle

Scottish wedding, Orkney

St Stephen's Green, Dublin

Georgian door, Dublin

Glassware, Venice

Venetian liquorice

Roman building badly in need of a haircut

Roman truck, badly in need of a haircut

Roman boy, badly in need of a haircut

Roman transport, child

Roman transport, canine

And finally, Roman Second Breakfast ..... sigh ....


Posie Patchwork said...

OMG, i just had some gelato with my children for afternoon tea. The guy selling it insists it's the same as genuine Italian gelato, but i just said to him "only i'm not eating it in Italy, do you see my problem??" Kind of not the same buying it in a light industrial area by a car wash 10km from Canberra. He's making me some meringue though, oh la la, yummo.
What an inexpensive trip around Europe & the UK you just had yourself there. Love Posie

Hot Fudge said...

Oh Posie, I feel your pain. A light industrial area simply doesn't cut it, does it? Still, meringue ... mmmm ....

Sandrine said...

Robyn I realy enjoyed your pictures and your fab sense of humor! ;)
Sandrine x

PS: Thanks for your little visit and comment...Shuutt... I have been dreaming of becoming an interior designer for years...but never had the courage :)So I move house regularly LOL