Monday, 11 April 2011

Let's hear it for the boys

Photo: Maz Dixon

What's a boy to do when his big sister has 16 of her close personal fairy ballerina friends over for a party?  You lie low on the lounge and observe in wonder.

And when the big fairy ballerina makes her entrance, even your baby brother is gobsmacked.

When the fairy dust comes out, it's time to head for the hills.

Now if we boys had a party, here are a few of our favourite things.  First of all we'd send out invitations.

EK Web Designs
We'd have lots of bunting.

Hot Fudge
All our mates would come dressed in their Buzz Lightyear gear.

Blu Moon Design

Or maybe we could all wear this pirate t-shirt.  Cool.

Cute as Buttons

If we could choose our own gifts, here are a few random ideas:

A Blanket Buddie is a must.

How could we resist this great wall poster - just like our Dad's Kombi.

Erics Easel

As for the cake - what else?

Gingerbread Artist
All these great finds are available on Etsy - check them out.

Meanwhile, big sister is in seventh heaven after all her friends have left, re-living every moment.  Girls.