Friday, 8 April 2011

Exhibition Opening

Melanie Gray Austin introducing the works of art

I didn't have a people counter with me last night, but I do know that I became close personal friends with a lot of people due to the body/floor space ratio at the official opening of The Reincarnated Kimono Project at Hanasho.  It goes without saying that it was a brilliant success and the evening was a delight. 

Curated by Melanie Gray Austin, fifteen local artists were given fabric from vintage kimonos and commissioned to create a work of art. 

Stephanie Morris of Wimcee.

I wish I had more images to show you, but I it was difficult getting clear shots through the crowds and I guess I was having too much fun to remember to capture the evening digitally.

The exhibition will continue until the end of the month and I do urge you to visit this lovely florist/gift shop to inspect the works first-hand.  The shop itself is a regular Aladdin's cave where you will find all manner of goodies to delight the eye - not to be missed.

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