Friday, 24 July 2009

What are you doing on the weekend?

Well, Mr Fudge and I will be in Sydney visiting the Fudges Junior and my big brother. But if you happen to be in Brisbane, you couldn't do better than visit the Jems Quilt Sitters' 2009 Quilt Challenge Exhibition.

The Brookfield Hall was a hive of activity today and the menfolk came out in force to help set up the quilts. Well, they followed instructions very well, even if one poor young man had to call on all his patience as a clutch of women changed their minds several times over which way a particular quilt should be hung.

Secret Men's Business

I can't show you any of the quilts, but here is a little of today's action.

As you can see, there will be several quilts for sale, and all manner of goodies ranging from home-made jams and relishes to soft toys, homewares and pottery.

My Hot Fudge children's clothing will also be on sale, including these two latest hot off the machine:

These little swinger dresses are fully lined and can be worn in the cooler weather if you pop a knit top underneath and maybe a pair of leggings. Then once the warmer weather arrives, they are ideal as sundresses.

Are you in the mood for jazz? Then Sunday between 1.00 and 4.00pm is for you, with a super jazz band giving an open air performance just outside the hall. No need to bring any food - that's all taken care of. Buy yourself a sandwich, some scones and a cup of tea or coffee, pull out the blanket and settle in for a pleasant hour or so of wonderful entertainment. By then you would have admired the quilts, bought up big in the sales room and will be ready to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

You wouldn't want to be anywhere else, would you? (Unless you were in Sydney hugging babies, that is!)


Little Mary Moo said...

Have a lovely time in Sydney giving lots of hugs you lucky thing. I love the swing tops they are beautiful and perfect for the Brisbane climate.

Sandrine said...

Relax and Enjoy all your lovely baby/Children hugs!That all look very nice and love your new design;)

Chrisy said...

Best of luck for lots of sales! The new dresses should do realllly well!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish I could pop into Jem's this weekend but I am otherwise engaged in the set up of the Quilts at the Brissie Ekka. Over 150 quilts to hang and only 2 gentlemen to help!!!

x Catherine

Hey Harriet said...

I couldn't make it along there today but I hope you had heaps of sales while you were busy in Sydney hugging babies. I'm sure you did have many sales as your range is gorgeous Robyn!