Thursday, 29 January 2009

Last of the Holidays

Another Australia Day has come and gone, which means children are back at school after the long summer break, and I am back at my machine.

The Brisbane branch of the family came to visit us on Monday to help us celebrate Australia Day in traditional style - Aussie hamburgers with home-made chips.

Can't you hear the arteries clogging up and begging for mercy? But it's only one day a year, so I figured that was acceptable.

This was followed by a Lamington cake, which I have to admit tasted 100% better than it looked! I blame it on the heat of the day. Smothered with ice cream and cream, it was the perfect ending to the meal.

Our little punk rocker couldn't bear to look at her older siblings tucking into their hamburgers and cake.

So now it's time to get back on the saddle and start sewing in earnest.
I had a lot of scraps left over from dresses made for my Etsy shop and had been feeling guilty as they lay accusingly in front of me.

It was time to make another patchwork skirt, very full and very twirly. Yesterday I went berserk with the Olfa cutter.

Now all I have to do today is get cracking and finish it, so I will have at least one new item for my shop. Perhaps I'm being a little ambitious.

Maybe I'll have a cup of coffee first...


Kitty Boo Boo said...

I love the lamington cake ... how cool is that.
And I can't wait to see the finished result of that twirly skirt!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn - oh give me those chips anyday - yum! The skirt looks fantastic - can't wait to see if finished.

Hey Harriet said...

Well you sure had a nice Australia Day celebration. I love homemade chips! Yum! The lamington cake looks very chocolatey. Just the way they should be :) The photo of your little punk rocker is so cute. She would make a great cover girl for a music mag! The patchwork skirt is looking great & I hope you'll be sporting it at the next BrisStyle meet-up ;D

Bec said...

Yum Robyn, that lamington cake looks divine, as does the twirly skirt. And that punky hair cut looks exactly like a haircut I used to sport about 10 years ago. And believe me, I paid a LOT of money for that!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your Australia Day looked a beaut treat!

I can see you worked magic with all that delicious fabric ;D