Thursday, 28 August 2008

Needles and Pins

HAVE YOU EVER wondered where the week has gone? I'm at that stage right now as I frantically dash down the finishing line to our quilt show this weekend. We set it up tomorrow morning, which means I only have today to do those last-minute chores.

What makes the effort even harder is that when I look out my window I am distracted by a gang of beautiful rainbow lorikeets who are filling their little tummies on the sweet nectar from the flowering tree right in front of me. Which reminds me - one of the chores is to print out a label for the lorikeet wall hanging I finished earlier this year.

I hate making fabric labels, but it's one of those things that must be done to finish off a quilt.

Earlier in the week I was working the poor Bernina to the ground.

Pins are my best friends. Imagine trying to attach a collar to a dress without them! So thank you whoever invented them - probably Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson - they seem to have cornered the invention market very early on. Anyway, the dress was finished and hopefully will sell over the weekend.

There had been a run on my baby booties (no pun intended), so it was time to re-stock.

Of course, they needed bags:

So now the rest of today will be taken up with freshening up the clothing (I refuse to say ironing - my nemesis), attaching price tags and swing tickets, compiling sales sheets, checking the quilts and, of course, printing out and attaching that fabric label.

Then tonight, I think Tony and I will sit down to a quiet meal and a glass or two of fruity red. Can't wait.


Joanne said...

Oh Robyn... these all look divine! I can't wait to see them. I'll definately be there on Sunday with two friends from craft. All the very best for a great show.

Ali said...

Another lovely dress Robyn!, gorgeous booties and an amazing lorikeet (wow!)!!!
Enjoy your red ;)

Bec said...

Wow Robyn, you have been really busy!!! So many gorgeous creations! The booties look so delicious all lined up in a row like that. Best of luck for the weekend. You sound well prepared :)

Twinkle Star Art said...

Best of luck with the quilt show this weekend. Those little booties are so, so cute and the pouches and the dress, just gorgeous. Be sure not to fall asleep at the show, you must be exhausted :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn

I was so happy to meet you today and purchase some 'first shoes' for my niece.

I love your blog and etsy store. Very inspirational.

Please visit me at:

to see a selection of my work.

Great show by Schoolhouse Quilters. Congratulations to all.