Friday, 22 August 2008

At the Movies

I was admiring the delightful train wallet for little boys made by Bec of Wheresbeckybean ( and was reminded of the tale my son recounted of his trip to the movies last week with his five-year-old son Stephen. Stephen had saved up all his coins and decided to treat Dad to the movies. The film of choice was the new Star Wars animation movie and wisely his mother decided to look after the girls while the boys had a day out on their own.

Up to the ticket office chick marched Stephen, emptied out his wallet of all its coins and politely requested two tickets, please. Then with tickets clutched in one hand, Dad in the other, he led the way into the theatre. Matt said there were three other parents with clutches of excited children, and one lone Star Wars Tragic in his thirties. They had such a great time, with Stephen shouting with excitement during the more suspenseful sections, and generously sharing his movie food with his father. He felt very proud of himself and it was an outing they will both remember for a the rest of their lives. When he grows up he wants to be Darth Vader, which is a bit of a worry.

I have today put the finishing touches to a new dress which will be on sale in my Etsy shop from tonight and also at the Schoolhouse Quilters' Exhibition next weekend (if it's still available).

Can't wait for tomorrow morning - there's a meet-up with the BrisStyle girls and several new members will be there for the first time. Show & Tell should be very interesting!


Ali said...

what a lovely Star Wars story Robyn!
I love your new dress - I've loved that dress pattern of yours before with its lovely sweet little collar.
Looking forward to tomorrow too!! :D

Bec said...

Oh Robyn, what a gorgeous story. You might also like to read a post on Flossie Teacakes blog which reminded me of this (ie. the deliciousness of children, and the goodness of adults who indulge them). Hopefully this link will work -

If not, just go to and check out the 'Late Night Feasting' post. It made me smile in just the same way as yours did :)

And that dress is just divine - I'm such a sucker for a peter-pan collar!!!! Looking forward to today too - yay!!!!!