Thursday, 17 July 2008

In the Pink

Can it be six weeks already? Here we are at Pink Week in Fede's colour challenge. I had in mind some lovely, frilly pink creations and while searching through the Floor Stash (not to be confused with the Wardrobe Stash or the Cutting Table Stash), I came across some beautiful pink laminated toile fabric which I bought in another eon with grand plans to make aprons.

How I could have neglected this gorgeous fabric for so long is beyond me, but the timing is perfect, as I have just updated my aprons and this laminated fabric fits in perfectly with my plans.

And there in the Ribbon Stash was the perfect co-ordinating pink spotted grosgrain ribbon.

Laminated fabric is very hard to photograph and it's almost impossible to avoid a harsh, shiny look which doesn't really do it justice. But at least it's pink and it's something new for my Etsy shop, which has been neglected over the last few days. Oh, and I have the same fabric in turquoise - bonus!

It's been an extremely busy week and there will be no let-up over the next couple of days, as my husband Tony goes into hospital today to have a couple of nasty skin cancers removed, one from his nose and the other from his shin. The leg will require a rather large skin graft, so that means an overnight stay in hospital to ensure that the graft takes. Naturally, the specialist's hospital is over the other side of the city and the checking in time is 6.00am. Consequently I am up early and filling in time until the official wake-up time. I can never sleep properly when I know there's an early morning alarm waiting to arouse me.

The monkey and elephant I had made for our little grandson Chris (he of the broken wing) and his big sister Emily arrived safely in Sydney and a very excited Emily promptly christened the monkey Ouch and the elephant The Mother Elephant - apparently she's in charge of "all the other elephants".

Chris takes it all in his stride ...

... while Emily is really excited. She even donned the tiger outfit I made her for Christmas to complete the menagerie.

I have some other really cute Melly and Me animal patterns, so I had better get cracking and make them for the Brisbane grandchildren!

Well, it's the official wake-up time, so I had better get going.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my colour weeks and have made things that I probably would not have attempted, so thank you Fiona of Fede for the challenge. Go to her link (listed right) and see what the other challengers have been up to.


Ali said...

What a lovely apron Robyn!
And thank you for sharing the photos of your babes in Sydney - I especially love the very appreciative tiger!
I hope all goes well with your husband's surgery x

Jo said...

Great apron, and the roaring tiger photo is fantastic!
I hope everything goes well with the surgery and that your husband is on the mend soon.

Hey Harriet said...

Hi there! I popped on over here after seeing you've been given an award from Bec from 'The Small Stuff' blog. I feel rather silly for not knowing of your blog before now. Doh! You're a BrisStyle Blogger & all! Yay! I really like your blog & can see why Bec gave you an award! Very sweet apron! (I don't think I'd dare wear it in the kitchen because I'd be too afraid of getting it mucky!) I'm glad I know about you now...I'm a little slow to catch up ;)

Oh & congrats on the award!

Bec said...

Sending lots of recovery vibes to your husband - I hope it all goes well! That little apron is gorgeous - and I'm so happy to see your grandkids getting so much joy out of the creations you made for them!
Oh, and thanks so much for dropping by and picking up your award! I meant to leave little comments on everyone's blog to let them know yesterday - but after posting it the day went manic and I didn't get to sit down at the computer all day (today is Kate's birthday so I was busy with the preparations yesterday!!!)