Thursday, 10 July 2008

Greensleeves ... minus the sleeves

Hot off the machine comes my entry in Fede's colour challenge for this week.

After all the machine work was completed, I looked around in my button collection for four suitable buttons. No joy. I was so disappointed and I didn't want to drive all the way to the nearest fabric shop to buy new ones. Then I remembered Bec ( earlier this week talking about having her grandmother's collection of buttons in an old tin. I had my mother's collection and I immediately found four buttons that worked perfectly.

And they're green!

Even the lining is green.

So I have managed to make an item for Green Week and I have something new to put in my Etsy shop. Yay!


Bec said...

Yay for button tins full of old buttons :)
This dress is beautiful Robyn. Boy you've been busy lately - you're inspiring me to stop procrastinating and get myself back to the machine!!!

Bek said...

Thanks for poping over to my blog. If you do the trip to goombungee I suggest you go the long way back so you can go the the cockoo clock place and Danish Flower Art and Chocolate cottage. The shop at goombungee was cute but it did not have alot to look at. The owner siad he is in the process of getting stuff out he has a couple of sheads full. I am going to go back and do a follow up blog in a couple of mths. If you come to Toowoomba feel free to pop in and have a coffee.
I just love your little dresses so cute.

fede said...

Wow Robyn you really are doing very well with this challenge. I think I'm going to try the repurposing challenge next that I found here at Linaloo's blog
I think I'm becoming addicted to these challenges as they get me motivated and inspired - especially seeing what everyone else is creating. I'm off to do a bit of op-shopping tomorrow ;)

Ali said...

another beautiful dress Robyn!! (and with gorgeous green buttons too!)

Twinkle Star Art said...

Beautiful fabric Robyn :-)