Saturday, 21 June 2008

Yellow ... Take Two

I know it's late in the week, but I have just finished a children's library bag to replace a couple sold recently. In my eyes it qualifies as yellow. Well, there are lots of yellow bits in there if you really look.

I am almost over yellow, so bring on next week's colour ... Brown??!! Mmmm ... that will stretch the creative mind!

It's the shortest day of the year today and yesterday afternoon we had one of those loud and noisy thunder storms normally associated with summer - not the middle of winter.

I was about to close the family room door when something caught my eye:

Closer inspection showed that it was a very clever little butcher bird taking shelter on the clothesline under the eaves.

As soon as the downpour stopped, he was down on the lawn, waiting for the first worm to pop up its head.

A very clever little bird indeed.


fede said...

Once again a very cool fabric on that bag! I'm thinking you must have a "to die for" collection???

Great to see a bit of Aussie backyard there...rain is extra special & Mr clever bird just tops it off! Great post :)

Bec said...

Gorgeous bag Robyn - I agree with Fede, you must have one hellova stash! We also have a little resident Butcher Bird who keeps us company, and the kids and I often sit watching him pull grubs out of the tree in our front yard. I love having him around - and he makes the most beautiful noises.

Ali said...

we have butcher birds and their lovely song too (especially nice after the rain)
Another lovely creation Robyn - such a swish library bag. i like your colour-themed weeks :)

Joanne said...

Robyn - what a lovely bag! I showed my Mum your blog yesterday and I think she may become a blog reader after seeing it! She asked me to favourite you so she could visit again. Brown week.... can't wait to see.