Monday, 10 March 2008

Impressionist Landscapes

What a time we had on Friday and Saturday. Ten members of Schoolhouse Quilters attended a two day workshop conducted by world renowned quilt artist and teacher Lorraine Carthew. How lucky are we? She lives right here in Brisbane, so we didn't have to travel half-way around the world to reach her.

We were to bring along a photograph or image of our choice, A3 in size. I brought along the photo of the lorikeet which I had taken in the tree outside my window.

The image was far too busy, so I honed it down to the essential elements and then started cutting up the first of what to me seemed like millions of tiny fabric triangles. First came the sky background and Murphy's Law was alive and well. I had brought along several shades of blue fabric, but none worked, so my friend Muffin came to the rescue with the perfect piece for me. Next came the construction of the tree trunk.

From small beginnings large trees grow.

By the end of the first day we had achieved enough to give us courage to carry on. By the end of the second day, miracles had occurred!

Now all I have to do is add the borders and quilt it. I'd love to show you what wonderful images the others created, but if I did, I'd have to kill you.
The better option is to come to our Schoolhouse Quilters' exhibition if you will be in Brisbane on 30-31 August. We hold our exhibitions every two years so that we have plenty of time to build up a decent collection of quilts.
So mark it in your diaries. The venue is the picturesque and historic Brookfield Hall at the Brookfield Showgrounds. With the added bonus of beautifully crafted items for sale created by our members, as well as being able to sit in the relaxed rural atmosphere and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea and delicious home-made food, why would you want to be anywhere else? Too good to miss.

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