Saturday, 1 March 2008

First day of Autumn

The kookaburras outside our bedroom window have no consideration for us poor humans. It was 4.50 this morning when they decided we had had enough sleep for the night and heralded in the dawn of the first day of autumn in no uncertain terms. I guess living on the edge of a large park we have to expect such early intrusions. As I type, right outside our office window some colourful lorikeets are feasting on the flowers of a eucalyptus - nectar of the gods in the bird kingdom. I took some photos of them during the week as they gorged themselves until their little bellies were full.

I am doing a two day workshop next Friday and Saturday with quilt artist Lorraine Carthew ( It has been organised by our quilt group, Schoolhouse Quilters, and I am really looking forward to it. The workshop is entitled Impressionist Landscapes and I will probably take along this image to work on. Can't wait!

After completing the three-tiered skirt last week, I felt inspired to attempt another version, so yesterday I gathered together some aqua, white and red fabrics.

I started on the bottom layer late yesterday and hope to have it completed by early next week. I have a space booked on the Etsy Springtime Showcase for 4 March and would love to have this skirt featured. We have a quiet weekend planned, so hopefully that can be accomplished.

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Bec said...

Oooh, those red and aqua fabrics are delicious!!! We are also getting a lot of kookaburras in our big gum tree at the moment. My son always comes and asks me what they are laughing at, so we have decided that one of the kookaburras is a bit of a joke teller. So now when they start laughing my son goes out and starts trying to them them knock knock jokes in the hope that they might laugh at one of his jokes!!! :P