Sunday, 17 January 2016

Sew Your Stash

Happy New Year, albeit a little late.

One of the websites I follow is Pattern Revolution which is devoted to all things sewing.  They commenced 2016 with a challenge to Sew Your Stash which involved sewing a garment using fabric from your stash and a pattern you had purchased but never used.  It was as if Lord Kitchener was pointing his finger right at me and I had to enlist.

I rummaged through my fabric stash and came across these two fabrics which I had been keeping aside for goodness knows what.  I bought them from a lovely fabric store owner who visited our quilting group some time last year.  There were two half metre pieces of the floral fabric and one half metre of the spots.  They were all she had brought with her in these designs, so I grabbed them quickly.  The overalls jumper pattern had been on my list of must-make items for a little while and somehow the two seemed to be made for each other.  It's fairly sturdy fabric, despite the delicateness of the design, so it was ideal for the project in hand.

This is my version of the overalls - I must admit I was pretty happy with the result. The pattern is packed full of detailed sewing, so it was not something that I could whip up in half an hour. Let's begin with the pockets.

It's hard to miss the one at the front.

There are also two handy ones at the back.

Not to mention the side pockets.

I love the back view.

All the seams are top stitched.

And it looks great with a blouse, tee or knit.

All in all I feel happy with the result and it was the perfect start to the new sewing year.  I made a size 4 and sadly my youngest grandchild is 6, but even if he was 4, I doubt he would be too keen to wear it.  So I'll put it up for sale and if it generates enough interest, I can source some more of the two fabrics and will make it to order.

Next on the list is a sweet dress for Valentine's Day, or any day really.  It's good to be sewing again.

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