Wednesday, 8 April 2015


I've been reluctant to admit that summer's gone, but it has to be faced.

As if by some secret agreement, camellias have suddenly bloomed all over Sydney. They are so clever - we are distracted by their beauty don't notice that it is getting colder.  But indeed it is.

This time last year Tony was recovering from a staph infection courtesy of his triple bypass, so the Royal Easter Show was the last thing on our minds.  Thankfully this year we were there bright and early.  Our first port of call was the baking section where Tony cast his expert eye over the cakes. Oh, how we love to pick them to pieces or stand in awe of the better examples.

On 25 April we mark the centenary of the Gallipoli landings and the district produce exhibits reflected the spirit of those first Anzacs.

The dog pavilion catered for every canine personality and mood.  We had the pampered pooch ...

the get-me-outa-here pooch ...

the aren't I adorable pooch ...

 and, of course, the embarrassing pooch.

It was time to grab some lunch and head to the wood chopping pavilion. I often wonder how many toes they have left.

Who could resist Sideshow Alley?  We could, but it was on the way to the showbag pavilion, so it couldn't be avoided.  We bought some bags for the Queensland grandchildren, a licorice bag for me and some sort of chocolate bag for Mr Triple Bypass.  A thoroughly enjoyable day.

This Easter we invited the family and our closest friends to have lunch with us.  It was our first Easter in our new home and it thankfully proved that it is possible to feed twelve people in a modest sized apartment.  The two lounges were moved from the living room to the covered balcony and the outdoor setting moved indoors.  It seats ten and with a card table added to one end, all twelve were seated comfortably, despite the random mix of chairs and a couple of stools for the children.

Our five year-old grandson declared that this was his FAVOURITE cake ever.  Oh dear ... I hope I haven't led him astray.

The last rush of bunnies were mailed out in time for Easter and my sewing machine is taking a well-earned rest for a week or so.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter - I know we did.

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