Saturday, 1 March 2014

Homecoming, Part II

At the risk of awakening the jinx pixies, Tony is finally home.  We pulled off the escape early yesterday afternoon in the rain.

As seen through the eyes of our 9 year-old granddaughter this morning.  Note my hanging glasses.
It will take a few weeks of cardiac rehab for Tony to regain strength - we are taking it one step at a time.  He even managed a trip to the barber this morning for a much needed haircut.

Next stop was coffee and Anzac biscuits straight out of our daughter's oven.  The children had each composed a Welcome Home Granddad card for the occasion.

Grandma through the eyes of a four year-old is a bit of a worry.
Spoken from the heart of a seven year-old
We are all going to visit the park if our nine year-old granddaughter's installation is anything to go by.
It was so strange today not to make the daily pilgrimage to the hospital. It's really good to have our lives back.


Chrisy said...

So happy for you all dear girl. Yes, one step at a time. How wonderful it must have been to wake up together this morning! I love the drawings and models...grandchildren are precious. I'm going through a difficult time myself with my darling Mum diagnosed with late stage breast cancer earlier in the week. It's been a nightmare. I'm so grateful I'm here for her.

Hot Fudge said...

Oh Chrisy, I'm so sorry; trying times indeed. Hugs.