Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Home.  Four little letters that mean so much when your loved one has been in hospital with major heart surgery.

Last Monday week Tony underwent triple bypass surgery which took over six hours.  Our two girls and my brother helped so much through the stressful time and the phone never stopped ringing with an anxious interstate son and friends near and far wanting to know how he was progressing.  Much to the amazement of the medical staff, he came through it so well that six days later I was able to pick him up and bring him home.  It was Australia Day - how appropriate was that?  Of course, he is still a little fragile and there are weeks of rehab ahead, but he has made such wonderful progress.

We have had a steady stream of visitors and telephone calls since Tony's return home.  Yesterday he had the first visit from our Sydney grandchildren who came with their Welcome Home card. They were so happy to see him, although the beginnings of a white beard threw them a little.

Later in the day some dear friends arrived briefly with the most beautiful bunch of Summer Red Eucalyptus. We are indeed blessed to have such wonderful and caring family and friends and we never take them for granted.

Next week I will get back to sewing, but for now I am content to have Tony slowly but surely getting stronger.  It will be our 44th wedding anniversary in a few days and we will happily celebrate quietly.  At home.

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