Monday, 30 September 2013


When Sydney presents you with a brilliant Spring day such as we had yesterday, it's advisable not to waste it.

A family gathering had been planned to welcome home our daughter and son-in-law from their three months sojourn in Europe.  We arrived at our other daughter and son-in-law's home to find the table set under the dappled shade of a maple tree.

Our eight year-old granddaughter had made place cards for each guest, with appropriate embellishments.

The boys were chuffed with their wild boar caps from the Chianti district in Tuscany.

But we girls love a pretty fan, particularly when it comes from Barthhhhhelona.

Dessert was a healthy carrot cake.  Well, at least the carrot element was, plus everyone knows blueberries are good for you.   

We adults managed to snaffle some of these baby ice cream cones while the kiddies were distracted.

Ah, modern technology.  The iPad is such an improvement on the mid 20th century slide show.

A perfect day.

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vexilla regis said...

A perfect Post for a "Perfect day" indeed!