Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sunshine, puppy dogs and flowers

Supermarket shopping is not a favourite chore in the Fudge household, but if you factor in the shopping mall distractions, it's not so bad.  Early morning coffee and pastry at the patisserie before the crowds arrive is a great way to kick-start the day.

Image: Pattison's Patisserie
Why is it that I never have my camera on me when the most delightful photo opportunities appear?

The pet shop had an overload of new puppies vying for attention.  I only hope there was more than one mother involved in this tribe!  I remembered my phone and while the image quality leaves a lot to be desired, the cuteness comes shining through.

Strategically placed right outside the patisserie is the florist shop.  After that first hit of caffeine softened by the sweetness a freshly baked pastry, who could resist the urge to rush out and buy at least one bunch of gorgeous flowers to take home?  Mind you, at those prices I'd probably have to work my fatal charms on the sales assistant while Mr Fudge grabbed a bunch and headed for the exit.

And oh, the orchids.

We didn't exactly waltz down the supermarket aisles, but it sure put us in a happy frame of mind.  Add to this a gloriously sunny winter's day and it's not a bad start to the weekend.

Sunshine, puppy dogs and flowers.  Perfect.