Monday, 8 July 2013

The Lions roar

Well, at least I got my wish.  The score wasn't close.  Not within coo-eee.  No need for paramedics to get my heart started again, unlike the two earlier games in the series.

It was the Rugby final of the Wallabies V. British and Irish Lions and my brother treated me a ticket to the sell-out game, where we were joined by over 83,000 enthusiastic fans.  This series only happens every twelve years and the Lions had been waiting since 1997 to win back the title.

As the pre-game entertainment cranked up, my brother smiled, remembering a time when he was at the start of his teaching career and one of his pupils told him that he was leaving school and was going to be a rock star.  Right.  His name was Daryl Braithwaite and true to his word, there he was centre stage entertaining a receptive crowd.

I don't know how this fan passed through security; maybe they were concentrating on the humans and lions weren't considered a threat. Obviously grannies were their target of choice, because my bag was given a thorough going over.  At least they found my tin of mints which I thought had been lost forever.  The atmosphere was electric and the British fans were in such good spirits and such numbers that you were caught up with their euphoria.   Thirty thousand of them attended the game and the cry of "Lions, Lions" accompanied by Nazi-like salutes was hard to ignore.

Ah well.  Back to the drawing board. At least the powers that be have twelve years to work out a winning strategy. The Brits are on a roll now that Andy Murray has broken the Wimbledon drought.  Good luck to them.

The first Saturday of each month is the time for the Sydney Southern Cross Quilters (SCQuilters) to gather at a local watering hole to quilt, talk, eat and generally have a good time, and this month was no exception.  So all in all it was quite a day.  Quilting and Rugby - the perfect combination.

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