Monday, 29 April 2013

Last gasp of summer

It's Monday and it's one of those rare days you get late in April when summer is arm-wrestling winter, producing the most glorious weather.  In fact, it's been like that for the past few days.

On Saturday evening my daughter took me along to the Sydney Theatre Company while my son-in-law took on the baby-sitting chores, bless him.  I regretted wearing my wool jacket and quickly took it off once we were inside.  The new play, Fury, was written by Australian Joanna Murray-Smith and directed by Andrew Upton (Cate Blanchett's husband).  It's an excellent production and add to this a beautifully balmy evening, a venue on the harbour waterfront and a civilised wine bar/restaurant on the premises to ease us into the evening, what more could you wish for?

Sunday continued along the same weather path and it was too good to spend the hours indoors.  I gladly accepted an invitation to join some of the family for brunch at their favourite plant nursery which was a short drive away.  We adults indulged in spicy Moroccan baked eggs which came in sizzling cast iron dishes ... delicious.

The resident fish were obviously just as happy with the weather as we were.  Our six year-old grandson showed remarkable restraint when he came across a bin of dolphin shaped watering cans, just his size.  He REALLY WANTED one.  His mother asked how much pocket money he had saved and it was calculated that the purchase would take half his savings.  He pondered it for about 30 seconds and decided that he could live without it after all.  Wish I had the same restraint.

I know winter is just around the corner and I really should be making some of these little jumper dresses, but it's difficult with those warm breezes wafting through the air.  Mind you, tomorrow I will probably be screaming for my thermals.


vexilla regis said...

Mr. Fudge is envious! But so happy to see you being a participant in such good times!

trishie said...

The little jumper dresses are so cute! They would look so cute with a long sleeved top and tights.