Thursday, 12 January 2012

Legos and colour schemes

I met up with some of the foundation committee members of BrisStyle today.  It's the first chance I've had to see them since our move to Sydney in July last year and it was an absolutely delightful day.  There were six of us and four brought along their gorgeous and fast-growing children, who at first were a little wary of each other, but by the time we left were Best Friends Forever.

One of the topics discussed was how many of the children present were Lego fanatics, and to this list I could easily add our own grandchildren.  One particular boy even has his own dedicated Lego Room - surely every child's dream.

During the discussion, Bel of Enticing Icing produced this plastic container from her bag.  Yes, they are made of icing and were a commissioned order for a customer.  I can imagine some lucky child is in for a big surprise when the birthday cake is produced.

The week has been filled with colour, as I mentally plan the quilt I will commence on our return to Sydney next week.  My enthusiasm for quilting has returned, and some of the responsibility must go to my quilting friend whose house we are minding.  How wicked of her to combine her sewing studio with the guest room.

Look at these glorious fabrics by Kaffe Fassett - you could almost drown in the rich colours.

I was very good.  I took them out of her stash cupboard, swooned over them, and PUT THEM BACK.  You never know, the house may have concealed CCTV cameras tucked away in the ceiling.

The colour theme continued today when I read about this site - I could spend hours playing with the countless combinations.  What a brilliant colour wheel concept.  It's the perfect tool for quilters, desktop publishers or artists.  But be warned - it's extremely addictive.


Amalou said...

I had a wonderful time catching up with you and the girls yesterday. Bel's icing legos were amazing! And I'm looking forward to seeing your next quilt!

Chrisy said...

Oh yes those icing legos are fabulous...pleased you had such a lovely time...and the fabric stash, well, covetable for sure...not game to go over to that colour site...would get lost in there...