Sunday, 6 November 2011

There are zebras at Bondi Beach

It's true - I saw them myself today.  Aren't they adorable?  They can be yours for $8,450 each.  Now there's a Christmas gift idea for the child who has everything.

We had a family outing to Bondi Beach to view Sculpture by the Sea, now in its 15th year.  But first there were snacks to be had to give us strength for the long walk ahead.

Wearing Hot Fudge, of course 

When you are four, Grandma's leg is a perfect safe haven when the cafe proprietor's dog eyes off your delicious muffin.

The temperature quickly rose to around 30 degrees Celsius, but the ocean breeze kept the crowds reasonably cool.


The Yearning

Domestic Bliss

Heavenly Kiss
Predators in the Park (check out the cheeky cap)
The boys discovered a cool piece of art which was child friendly.
Hey, let's make it our own.
Do you think those other children want to play in our special place?
OK, OK, we're going.

A little further along we came across something that we thought may have startled the children.

But they loved it.

Meeting 1
These folk seemed to have the right idea - time to sit down for a little while.

And time to share a secret.
Psst ... would you like an ice cream?
Sculpture by the Sea continues until 20 November.  It has the Fudge Family Seal of Approval, so make haste to Bondi Beach and spend a few hours taking in the wonderful works of art.  As a bonus, you get in a week's worth of exercise to boot.


Chrisy said...

oooh wouldn't it be good if they bred miniature zebras that liked being in a backyard! It looks like you're out there really living...and with the people who are precious to you...

Sandrine said...

Lucky lucky you Robyn,some friends of mine did a little tour around Sydney this week and loved the Bondi exhibition too :)Thanks I am getting to see a little with you... and all in my chair! hehe :)