Thursday, 31 March 2011

Through Children's Eyes

"Grandma, what does that taste like at YOUR age?" 

A fair enough question when it's your sixth birthday.  After recovering my composure, I assured her that it tasted the same as it did when I was six. 

As a birthday treat, Mr Fudge and I took birthday girl and her eight year-old brother to the Gallery of Modern Art (gOMA) for the day.  It was our second visit - the first occasion was with our daughter and granddaughter before Christmas and it was such a fun-filled day that we knew it was the ideal treat for a child's birthday.

A whole gallery full of white Lego pieces - bliss.

Flying down a twisted tube was very tempting, but I resisted.

The pool looked enticing ...


What's next Grandad?

A room full of purple balloons ...


What the butler saw.

Take me to your leader.

Yes, adults flock to this exhibition, but seeing it through the eyes of children is a rare privilege. 

Grandparenting - wouldn't miss it for quids.


Mannick...91 said...

what a beautiful day you had! Magnificent.
Happy birthday to your beautiful Miss

Jetta's Nest said...

What an awesome day!

shelleyberelli said...

What a gorgeous post! Lovely.xx